Get Snap Tattoos Closed down and his license revoked

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The original post had 1000 comments from women assaulted or who got infected after a piercing from him 


I also don’t give 35 fucks who feel some kind of way bc this shit is unacceptable. There is no way all these women would lie about the same shit .


And let’s be clear I’m not trying to stop anyone’s hustle or damage their name but I just want the women to be aware 


I covered the names of all these women bc I would rather not expose their identities . 


HERE IS THE BACK STORY : I had met this guy while visiting snap tattoo shop . I had came looking for snap to get a piercing and one of his tattoo artist said he wasn’t there and to come back . Me and the tattoo artist exchanged numbers and became really cool . Over the course of that week I hung out at the tattoo shop with the friend . I watched snap be rude to paying customers as well as make them wait while he did dumb shit like sat around and talked , laid in the break room etc .  After that week one day the guy friend of mines asked me to come hang out with him and his co workers bc they usually had small get togethers when the shop closes for the day . I accepted but I never travel alone so I asked my bestfriend (who I also will not name ) to go with me . When we got there it was a couple of ppl leaving from the shop . One girl had just got her nipples pierced and his fiancé at the time was leaving with the child . Once they left it was just me, my bestfriend, snap , the guy friend , another tattoo artist and some random girl. Snap said more ppl would be coming . He locked the door bc he didn’t want ppl just randomly entering the shop . We sat in the first tattoo room off to the left by the door talking and laughing . It started with small talk then snap kept making raunchy jokes at my friend . She brushed him off . We then began talking about his reptile he kept in the shop and my friend asked could she see it . He took her to the room right behind us and i could hear them talking . Before I knew it he had closed and locked the door . I could hear my friend screaming for him to let her go and to get his hands off her head . I immediately jumped up and started banging on the door . Me and my guy friend . You could tell she was tussling with her and I screamed out he needed to let her out or I would kick the door down and call the cops . A couple of seconds later he opened the door . She walked out fuming and he grabbed her arm . My guy friend told him to chill so he let her go . My guy friend took us into his room (just me my best friend and him) and he closed the door . We proceeded to asking her what happened . She explained that when he closed the door he pulled his dick out and tried to make her touch it . He said she wanted to see the snake so here it is . She snatched away and he grabbed her head trying to make her suck his dick . That’s when the tussle started and she heard us . My guy friend apologized . Next thing you know snap comes in the room like nothing happened still trying to feel up on my friend . She turned to me and said I’m ready to go and at that point I agreed . My friend asked for the keys as I said goodbye and thanked my guy friend . As he’s walking me out we see snap heading to my car . When I get to the car he’s telling my friend she just needs to let him fuck and if she tell nobody won’t believe her. At that point I told him to get the fuck away from my car before we run his ass over . That was the last we spoke of him . Me and her both . Now I am seeing it didn’t just happen to her . He has taken advantage of his position and assaulted numerous others . Please be aware of who you trust . This could have ended way worse and I thank god it didn’t.