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Undo the new Snapchat update

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Hello, my name is Abbi Foglietta. I am 17 years old and an avid user of Snapchat. I, along with every other high schooler I have spoken to, believe that the new snapchat update should be undone, or at the very least, the stories page should be brought back.

I am voicing this opinion only because I love Snapchat. As a high schooler, I speak for many when I say that Snapchat is the primary means of communication between friends. Updates have always made the app more fun, easier, and user-friendly. I anticipated such when I heard there was a new version of the app.

With that being said, to say I am disappointed with this update is an understatement. My unwavering, devoted love to Snapchat is dwindling more than it has, ever, since downloading the app. But if you love something, and you really care about it, you’re going to try and keep it around, and I am not ready to give up on Snapchat so easily. 

Many familiar features, like the stories page, have vanished, leaving distracting advertisements on the discover page. Now, users must scroll through sent messages to find stories, which is extremely time consuming and wasteful when compared to the convenient display of stories in the prior version of the app. In my opinion, stories feel less exciting than they did before after this update. The appeal of adding to or watching a story is undermined by coupling the feature with messages. I stand by the opinion that the stories page should come back.

Other features, such as bitmojis, have been emphasized to the point where the app feels juvenile. I obviously know what my friends that I am snapchatting look like, why do I need a cartoon of their face right next to my messages with them? To remind me?

Furthermore, bitmojis take up an awful lot of space, detracting from the familiar square and arrow designating that somebody has opened your chat or sent you one. The bold text is somewhat helpful, but the familiar pink and purple squares and triangles are difficult to recognize and see. 

Maybe you don’t have the same issues with the new update, but even if you dislike one aspect of the new update, I urge you to sign this petition so that changes may be made to help us all. 

Personally, not one high schooler I have met enjoys the update. Snapchat should give the option of keeping the pre-updated version, or work out a compromise with their users. For the sake of keeping their beloved users, Snapchat should consider revising this update so that it is more similar to the previous version. 


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