Snapchat, please protect our children and give us all a better experience.

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Snapchat is hot! Everyone is on it. It's the new way to text. The filters are fun. Keeping streaks is a challenge. All the kids love it!! Even I love it! But there's one thing I don't love and it's the one thing that keeps me from allowing my kids to have their own account (right now, they share with me).

Discover. It's the page that comes up when you swipe left. It's a page full of stories. Stories from people you're not necessarily friends with. Content from publishers. Content you never signed up to see. And that's really the problem with it. There are stories from celebrities and publishers that I've accidentally clicked on that are not PG! Hey, I get it! First ammendment. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press. I just want to be able to control what I see. Especially if I have kids seeing it too. Because let's be honest. The age guidelines are there, but they are very easy to manipulate. 

There is a new story from Cosmopolitan. It's called Cosmopolitan After Dark. It is basically an instruction manual for better sex and a xxx edition of truth or dare. If you want to see it, cool. Again, first ammendment. You have the right. Yada, yada... 

Here's what I want... and really what I think all users deserve.

I want Snapchat to give it's users the option to opt out of seeing any story.

Any story. From a person or a publisher. I want to be able to "Discover" different pages while having the ability to block others. I want to be able to let my children enjoy this technology without worrying about them being exposed to inappropriate content. Or worrying that they will become addicted to porn from reading so much about it on Snapchat. Let's leave the adult content to adults.

I just want more control over my and my children's Snapchat experience.