Cancel Snapchat's last update

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I've used Snapchat for years as a great application to chat with my friends and follow personalities I love.

You recently made a new update to better separate the content from friends and other's content. Because of that, you removed the stories menu.

The original idea is not bad, I think it's good, however this new Discover menu pauses a lot of problems:
- We can't see ahead the personalities we follow (we have to scroll in the Discover menu to find them)
- The screen on the right is polluted by uninteresting content and we have to go through it to see the stories of the people we follow and with whom we don't exchange (the influencers)
- Conversations on the left are no longer sorted alphabetically. I love algorithms, but that sucks.
- We have to scroll to see the stories of friends we don't often exchange with.

I understand that you want to simplify the use of Snapchat, but this update is a violation of the very philosophy of your application.

We end up having to see the content of people or media that we are not interested in to see the stories of people we follow but do not exchange with.

And despite all these updates, the application is still slow and poorly optimized on Android.

Please give us back the Snapchat we've always known.


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