Bring "Minka" back!

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I, as a creator of fictional characters Minka and Omerovca, want to bring back so-called "Minka" Snapchat lense back. It will allow me to continue making these funny videos. I used to buy them online via Snapchat site, but that option is not available anymore. One of those lenses I found on Snapchat app, but the other one you see on the photo, couldn't be found anywhere. So, this petiton should draw Snapchat's attention to reconsider bringing this lense back.

This lense brought thousands of people online and me, much laughter and joy, and it inspired me in creating this book called "Da vam Minka nešto kaže" which was best-seller in Bosnia and Herzegowina and all proceeds of the book are intended for humanitarian purposes.