Delete #selfies on LGBT+ Youth

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The channel #selfies has been creating many issues on this once lovely server. It has led to bullying, soliciting, spamming, attention whoring, fishing for compliments, cat fishing, and many other horrible things. It serves as a filter for many of these things those supporting its stay on the server have said, however they would be safe and sound in our #media channel which is already filled with toxic and deadly shitposts and isn’t a dog whistle for perverts, stalkers, and possible creepers joining our server. Many users including myself have found that posting a selfie in this channel has led to getting very creepy dms from people asking for nudes or other inappropriate content. This is why our previous owner has issued an announcement on how we should set our dms to friends only to stay safe, however to prevent problems in the future from happening we should take a brave step and delete the #selfies channel to solve these problems. Our server has many young users ranging 13-24, and the younger audience shouldn’t be exposed to any adult content by surprise in their private messages just because they decided that they felt cute in a selfie and wanted to post it. Let’s keep it to #media and delete selfies. Others feel that because of the selfies channel, they’ve developed eating disorders and have been losing weight rapidly. While a little weight loss is never unhealthy, it becomes easier to hate yourself when exposed to attention craving whores (excuse my language) who nest and breed in selfies. This is another reason why you should join our cause and sign this petition to end #selfies once and for all.

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