Legalise Snaffle bits under 14mm

Legalise Snaffle bits under 14mm

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Under new 2019 FEI Dressage rules, snaffle bits with a minimum diameter of under 14mm are now illegal for horses. This new rule has not been adopted by Equestrian Australia for National competitions at this stage, but will be re-evaluated in 2020.

The measurement is taken at the diameter of the mouthpiece, adjacent to the rings or the cheeks of the mouthpiece.

This new rule does not consider the nature of different horses having different sized and shaped jaws and tongues. 

Having a bit that is too big for your horses mouth, may cause it to not be able to shut it’s mouth properly, causing the rider to have to tighten the noseband to keep it shut. 

This new rule does not consider horses welfare! 

Please sign this petition to make the EADC aware that Equestrians in Australia do not support this new rule. We also do not want the EADC to adopt the rule in 2020 or in the future.