Preserve Human Connection, Global Community and Artistic Work on Smule Sing!

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Preserve Human Interaction, Global Connection and User Artistry

Users of the Smule Sing! mobile application are urging the company to not remove the video component to it’s LIVE JAM feature.

A massive community of Musical Artists exist on the Smule Sing! app and have forged meaningful relationships with fellow singers from all over the Globe. The powerful, universal common thread of music has deepened these relationships. When the app introduced LIVE JAM it gave the community a chance to meet these new friends, collaborate musically in real time, and strengthen their bonds by being able to see, hear and interact using the tools of the app. 

During an unprecedented time in our world, many people have been forced to socially distance themselves to decrease viral spread and save lives. In turn, they also are put in isolation without necessary human interaction and affections of love. LIVE JAM provided some relief to that void that is unforseeably here to stay. Removing this feature is a crushing blow to faithful, paying users in need of the service they are accustomed to. These interactive sessions have meaning and weight to people in need. The timing of removing the feature, during a global pandemic is nothing short of cruel. 

Users understand there are security risks and vulnerability to the Youth subset of singers on the app. We are in solidarity to keep kids safe from abuse. There are alternative remedies to this issue that can keep the LIVE JAM video feature intact, such as stronger user security, blocking options, tokens and invitation only access to features by paying VIP subscribers.

Furthermore, attention must be brought to the sudden removal of songs that “violate licensing agreements” from the community songbook and the restriction from keeping recordings that users have created and have zero power over Smule’s existing licensing agreements with Artists. These recordings are a product of incredibly hard work, artistry and collaboration with others.  The friendships involved in making these recordings make them even more meaningful, if not priceless.  A credible explanation and warning to users of impending song removal is a minimum of the respect due to Smule users. Finding ways to legally respect recording artists and users in creation of music is a responsibility of the App Developers.

Members are the backbone and spirit of the community and the success of the app, as well as the source of profit for the company.