Create the 6th grader gang dedicated to the man, the legend himself: Jack Wills

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We want a gang dedicated to the legend jack wills. He has been a long and respected member of the ArmA RP community and deserved his long earned gang the "6th graders".

Why should Jack Wills have his own gang? There is a few reasons i will name for example:

  • He´s a legend in Kuwaiti history books and in the ArmA 3 community.
  • He´s a top fragger, he even manages to kill people as a medic.
  • He never broke a rule on the server because he fears the rules like no other man, he even fears the rules on the ArmA RP server more than he fears god.
  • Autotune cat:

So please SMT and SLT of the Definitive Network, please give jack wills his own gang.

Thank you very much.