Save Bharatvan- an urban forest in the heart of the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra (India)

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Global warming is a real thing and there is no better city to experience it than in Nagpur where temperature soars as high as 47.5 degree celsius(as per the official records). This city in central India has earned the tag of "the Tiger Capital of India" is also fondly called as "Aagpur" which simply translates to "fiery place". (Aag in Marathi language means Fire).

In this burning city (and elsewhere), some have the privilege of sitting in air conditioned cabins and desert cooler cooled offices, there is a sizable population who is constrained to take the nature's wrath head-on, mainly due to their work commitments or their economic status.

The worst hit are the animals- stray and wild, who have no avenue to raise their voice and no option to bypass the slow process of evolution to cope up with these climatic changes.

Taking above facts into consideration, a group of enlightened individuals took on the task to save a small urban patch of forest, fondly known as Bharat Van, which stands on the verge of getting annihilated on the pretext of development. The government plans to slit Bharat Van with a road (which is not required) at the cost of lives of 101 big and 457 small trees (total 558 trees). According to experts, this blow is bound to kill the spirit of Bharat Van shortly followed by decimation of the real residents of the Bharat Van- the peacocks, squirrels and a wide range of birds, insects and mammals.

It is not hard to contemplate that a green patch would be replaced by another concrete heat island adding to the woes of man and animals alike.

Our green sages, many of them with the age similar to that our fathers and forefathers are working tirelessly for us since ages. It's our time to pay back.

Sign this petition and be the part of the green army for every tree, irrespective of it's location is  supporting you and the ones you care about.