Make it illegal to discriminate against a woman breastfeeding in public.

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Abhilasha Arup Das Adhikari - a mother of a seven month old - wanted to go shopping one evening to a mall in Kolkata. Soon her baby was hungry and she started looking for a room to breastfeed her baby. As a new mother, she did not have the confidence to breastfeed at any of the stores and started looking for a breastfeeding room.
When she approached the staff at the mall, she was shocked to find out that there was no breastfeeding room in the mall. She panicked and started worrying about where she could feed her baby. She asked the mall authorities where she could feed her hungry and crying child and she redirected to a – toilet!
As a new and vulnerable mother who was not confident about breastfeeding in public, she felt helpless. Abhilasha even attempted to breastfeed in a toilet; but was unable to because the strong smell in the toilet.
When she came home, she posted a review on the Facebook Page of the Mall’s page stating that she was not happy with the services of the mall because she was unable to breastfeed her baby.
The mall responded by saying that breastfeeding is a ‘home chore' that should be done at home. 
As a woman, and as a mother of two, I was very angry and upset when I read Abhilasha’s story. I myself had dealt with a similar situation. I had also been asked to breastfeed my two month old in a toilet.

No woman should ever have to lose her dignity when providing nutrition for her baby the way nature intended.
A woman should breastfeed wherever and however the woman finds comfortable.

Women need to be enabled by the government policies if they wish to breastfeed. Beastfeeding is not just good for the baby, but it is great for the mother too. By enabling breastfeeding, health care costs of a nation can be brought down because it reduces the odds of several health conditions arising. 

Countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland have laws which state that it is a breastfeeding woman's right to breastfeed wherever and however she feels comfortable. She should not be discriminated against because she is breastfeeding. 

Sign this petition if you feel women in India should not be asked to leave physical spaces when they are breastfeeding.