Stop negative news on first page of newspaper

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Every morning I wake up and take newspaper to read, just to find my newspaper is full of sad news of deaths, rapes, murders, honor killing etc.

What's sad is, we wake up to do something good today and when we read the newspaper, the very front page is full of sad news, that destroys the happy morning routine and forces us to feel bad and think about rapes and murders in the beginning. This is not a way to start a day!

I know, newspaper is doing their work by giving us latest news, but atleast they can avoid front page with negative news. Newspaper can give positive and inspiring news on first page and hide all negative news in rest of the pages.

I would like to start my day with good positive news on first page of newspaper and hope you would like it too.

Let's inform the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani to take some action and make some new policies.

Let's sign this petition and spread this positive news.