Stricter laws for punishinh rapists.

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We as humans being have feelings for those who suffer, feel, to sympathize and a tendency  to forget it. And get back to our normal state. And I care Because I'm a human being too. Because it could have been 'Me' and not asifa, nirbhaya, Priyanka (every girl that's being assaulted ruthlessly). Because, it could have been my sister, my mother. Would I be able to ignore the truth then, No right.

If you Ask people who were close to or related to victim's life, they are living a traumatic life. They feel helpless because they couldn't save their loved one's integrity.

Since childhood we've heard everyday about girls/boys being sexually assaulted but never have come up with a solution. Some people haven't even try to initiate. Though it was always the high time to react, to fight with all our willingness. When I talked to some of my friends they just don't want to take out time and think of a single solution for this. 

I know somewhere we all want to bring a change but aren't willing enough to act. Humans, raise your voice even if you see the smallest ( biggest) act of objectifying women.

I strongly request the government to come up with stricter punishment with no loopholes for the barbarian criminals to get out of the grind. Also, juveniles to be given death penalty or life imprisonment because the age is just a number. In case of rape let there be no second chance as they themselves didn't give second thought of acting this level of heart wrenching act. Let there be no bails for such people.

Let us create fear in the mind of potential criminals so that they don't even think of assaulting women/men. Let us show and prove that we care.