Let's pledge to aware children, help children and prevent them from abuse.

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53% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. Children who report having been sexually assaulted is 6% and the cases where the abuser was in a relationship of trust with the child is 50%. I remember when a drunk man touched my arms inappropriately in fruit shop,  I remember how a man smacked my butt and I remember when a boy came following me on my scooty and even dared to switch it off. Now i am always pulling my T-shirt trying to prevent any harassment. Now i am always weraing loose T-shirts. But I think what I regret most is that at that time I chose to be silent and letting the trauma sink in my soul. I am Aditi and I am 18 years old.  

Every day in the newspaper, we read about the cruel  events of rape and sexual abuse against children irrespective of gender.  The primary reason for this is that children don't feel safe enough to express. If there can be a class in primary education specially organised by specially organised groups to educate children to report any abuse at very first instance and how one can defend oneself,  it will proove extremely beneficial. 

No person deserves to feel this way. Sign my petition addressed to Shrimati Smriti Irani, Minister of Child Development and Women Empowerment demanding a bill to be passed for universal awareness in all schools and parts of India, sponsored and organized completely by centre. Groups of psychiatrists who know how to educate children and army officers who can train children can travel all over India for children between the age of 5-18