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Lenient checking for accountancy paper(055)

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This year Accountancy board exam (055) held on 29th march 2017 was extremely tough and lengthy.

Many students will have to face a percentage drop due to this exam.

Reasons of filing this petition :

1. The paper was lengthy as most questions demanded Journal Entries.

2. Questions meant for 3-4 marks were given as one markers.For example: statement of adjustment table.

3.In part B questions regarding tools of analysis(Comparative Statements and Common size) were not included in the exam. These are the sure short 4 marks easy questions but instead a four marker theory question was given.

4. Capital adjustment in change in profit sharing ratio is not a part of syllabus.

5.Moreover the question paper were not related to the sample paper offered by CBSE 

Overall the paper was lengthy and tough for an average student to clear. 

We hope some action is taken for lenient checking of answer sheets and grace marks.

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