Extend Maternity Benefit scheme to all women irrespective of their childbirth count.

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“Nahi didi,  Sarkar mujhe kuch nahi degi, kyunki mera dusra baccha hai na!”

Fulmani stops to visit the anganwadi centre when the Anganwadi worker figures out it is her second pregnancy. Like Fulmani, there are 2.05 crores women who are left out from the entitlement under the scheme. As per  the government’s own truncated estimate, it is to benefit only 52 lakh women out of 2.5 crores (Birth Rate 19.0 of India, NHFS-4). This would contribute towards the  persistent anaemia and malnourishment of our mothers and children.

Please sign and support my petition for maternity benefit for all women. #universalmaternity #EveryChildMatters #harekbacchekaadhikar

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY)  provides partial compensation for wage loss so that the woman is not under compulsion to work till the last stage of pregnancy and can take adequate rest before and after delivery. It ensures, #exclusivebreastfeeding and #immunization till the child attains 6 months of age. National Food Security Act’ 2013, provides a legal provision for all women, except for government employees, to receive a maternity entitlement of at least Rs 6000/-.

On 31st December 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the implementation of Maternity Entitlement for all women irrespective of child birth. However, the PMMVY scheme launched in January 2017 came up with the condition that women will be eligible to claim PMMVY only during the first live birth, thereby adding a new condition to the set of already existing conditionalities.

Maternity is work. Please don’t converge/link the family planning measures with PMMVY, notified under National Food Security Act, which happens to be the only maternal entitlement universal in letter and spirit. 

Asking the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development to extend the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY) for all women and to stop discrimination #stopdiscrimination against women on grounds of their childbirth count.

Sign my petition, for a nation which cares for health and well-being of its women and youngest citizens.

#EveryChildMatters #universalmaternity #harekbacchekaadhikar  #forallwomen #sabkeliyematruvanadana #stopdiscrimination