Do not close mumbai branch of central cottage industry emporium

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The central cottage industry emporium has several branches all over India. One of which is Mumbai branch. The Mumbai office has 3 to 4 outlets and the central government has planned to shut down all the outlets in Mumbai and totally shut off the Mumbai branch. The reason given is loss of about 10 crores. The city like Mumbai which hosts thousands of tourists daily, tourists do come to south Mumbai more particularly fort area. Mumbai branch has two outlets here. One which is opposite the CST and the other which is near gateway. These branches should not be shut including the other two. Instead there must be ways to promote sale. 

Due to the closure of Mumbai branch the women employees are likely to leave their jobs as they have been in service for 20 or more years. And are likely to be accommodated in Delhi far away from their families and kins.

There are going to be manifold repercussions of this decision. One of the major being hampering of the policy to promote cottage industry. 

Government must differentiate between cost and value of a policy. Let us unite to urge the government not to shut the Mumbai office.