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Smoking in Bars: Install Smoke Eaters and ventilation to comply with clean air standards.

Since we are faced with mandatory healthcare, then, it is mandatory that our health be safeguarded to begin with. Smoking in some bars is Ok in Pennsylvania through some quirk in the law. I propose that the bars be made to comply with clean air standards set by the EPA. They should be required to install smoke eaters, ionizers or ventilation systems to help protect the bartenders and other employees who work there for 8 hours a day as well as the patrons. This makes sense for all states that allow smoking in bars or restaurants.

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Please vote for my petition. It makes total sense. The non smoker goes into the bar and breathes normally. Smokers in the bar, breathe abnormally. As they exhale, they push their super heated germs, Tars, nicotine, smoke and carbon monoxide out of their lungs and pollute the air. Some of these bars that allow smoking are Literally death traps, especially for the bartenders. They are smoke chambers. These bars should be made to clean up the air to standards or not allow smoking. So once the non smoker sits in one of these bars for a couple of hours, guess what? He starts breathing abnormally. I am sure almost everyone reading this knows someone who has died from cancer. If you want to take a positive step against cancer, Please sign. It is the right thing to do. We need more positives in our society, because the negatives are adding up way too fast. Sincerely, Bill Wasylenko, Bensalem Pa

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