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Support Smokefree in Indoor Workplaces and Public Places in Sikeston

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Everyone has the right to breathe smokefree air in public places and at work without the dangers of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is harmful, containing more than 7,000 chemicals including over 60 that can cause cancer. 

The health risks associated with secondhand smoke outweigh any argument about the right to smoke or the right for a business to allow smoking.  Clean air regulations are merely an extension of existing laws regulating food safety and clean water.

No one should have to risk their health to earn a paycheck.  Everyone has the right to breathe smokefree air.  Encouraging businesses to voluntarily go smokefree (a free-market approach), leaves many workers unprotected. 

Studies all over the world have shown that smokefree laws do not hurt businesses. In many cases, smokefree laws have a positive economic impact. Smokefree laws can save employers money on health care, lost wages, as well as cleaning costs of facilities.

34 Missouri communities have already recognized the positive impact that smokefree laws can have in a community.  Here is a list of communities in Missouri that have moved forward and protected employees and consumers by going 100% smoke-free indoors.  Isn't it time for Sikeston to do the same?

There is no risk free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.  Air cleaners, ventilation systems and separate smoking and non-smoking areas may remove odors, but they do not eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.

The only way to protect all workers and the public from exposure to secondhand smoke is through strong smokefree laws that include all indoor workplaces and public places with no exemptions.  

Exemptions for certain business create confusion and make enforcement difficult. Patrons and business owners can't be sure of who is covered under the law and who is not.  A simple, strong, and fair law is self-enforcing because everyone understands that all indoor workplaces and public places must be smokefree.

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