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Smoke-Free Residences in Boston

Requiring all multi-unit residences inside Boston to become verifiably 100% smoke-free contributes greatly to public wellness, operating efficiency, worker productivity, child health, and reduced stress between urban dwellers in the same unit and in surrounding neighborhoods.  Banning smoking in all units, throughout the residential structure, and within 100 yards of all entryways and windows can help make Boston the better place to live that we all desire, and aggressive smoking cessation programs and community engagement - including the faith communities - can make both the law and the public health affordable and successful..

Multi-housing owners, managers, and residents can all benefit from a smoke-free policy. Smoke-free buildings are cost-effective, safe, and healthy.

Market Advantages: Buildings may be able to attract more tenants by going smoke free. Research shows that renters want smoke-free housing! Many renters are even willing to pay more rent and make other sacrifices, such as walking farther to a bus stop or driving farther to work, to live in a smoke-free building

Reduced Costs: Cleaning costs are lower when you don’t have to scrub, paint, and replace items in an apartment that smell like smoke or are covered in residue
Fewer fire risks: Smoking-related fires are deadly and costly. By going smoke-free, you eliminate the source of smoking-related fires. Some insurance companies may even provide reduced premium rates to buildings that are smoke free or to tenants who live in a smoke-free building. For more information on smoking-related fires in apartments, view Live Smoke Free's fact sheet "Up in Flames: Smoking in Apartment Unit is dangerous for the building, for the unit dweller, and for others in the building.

Smoke-free policies are legal: A building owner/manager can legally make a rental building (or entire property) completely smoke free.

Protection from secondhand smoke: All residents, guests, and staff members are protected from the serious health dangers associated with secondhand smoke exposure.

Require multi-unit residences inside Boston to become verifiably 100% smoke-free, banning smoking in all units, throughout the residential structure, and within 100 yards of all entryways and windows.

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  • City of Boston, Massachusetts
    Boston City Council
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    Thomas M. Menino
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    Charles Yancey
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    Michael Ross
  • City Councillor at Large
    Ayanna Pressley
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    Stephen Murphy
  • City Councillor, District 1
    Salvatore Lamattina
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    Tito Jackson
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    Robert Consalvo
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    Felix Arroyo
  • City Clerk, City of Boston, Massachusetts
    Rosaria Salerno
  • Chief Operating Officer, City of Boston, Massachusetts
    Dennis DiMarzio
  • City Councillor, District 6
    Matthew O'Malley
  • City Councillor, District 2
    William Linehan
  • City Councillor at Large
    John R. Connolly
  • City Councillor, District 3
    Frank Baker

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