Big Star Solar is Not Welcome in Rosanky

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We understand that renewable energy is an important step forward toward a healthier planet. However, when billion-dollar corporations come into a small community — unannounced — and look for tax breaks from the local school and government, we feel the need to push back. No amount of promised tax revenue will replace the peace and quiet of rural Rosanky. Once the fields are bulldozed and the solar panels are placed behind their chain link and barbed wire fence, the peace that we have kept is gone.

We want to express our deepest concerns to the Bastrop County Commissioners Court and Smithville Independent School District, and that they should vote against allowing Big Star Solar/RWE Renewables to receive massive tax breaks on their $200 million facility. Simply put:

• This 1,700 acre facility will tear apart a piece of the local environment, creating a 35-year scar on our landscape

• Public roads will be damaged by unlimited construction

• Wildlife will be displaced

• Taxes will rise

• Our peace and quiet will be compromised

RWE Renewables does not have the answers we seek. We do. Don't give them a tax break, don't let them move here. Keep Rosanky rural.

NOTE: We appreciate the support that folks offer from across the land, BUT, we would really prefer to hear from Rosanky area and Bastrop County residents, or those who have property or connections to the area affected. We appreciate your signatures, but the impact will be greater with a showing of local support. This is an unenforceable petition, but it will add weight to our overall movement. Thank you.