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Make Tom Lohmann the 5th Smithtown Councilman

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Because Smithtown deserves a full time town councilman. Someone with an established background in protecting residents from the dangers that have infiltrated our Smithtown community. We need the fifth Town Councilman seat to serve as a liaison between law enforcement, School Districts and Community Coalitions, working to protect our Children from Bullying, Drugs and Gangs. We need a Councilman who has a proven track record of helping out small businesses, residents and concerned parents. Tom Lohmann is that fifth Councilman.

The endless numbers of Smithtown residents who call Tom Lohmann a friend, will tell you he is an unsung Hero. They will tell you all about his highly decorated career as an NYPD Detective. How Lohmann devoted the final days of his career to volunteering at Ground Zero despite the risks to his own life. They will tell you how Tom Lohmann would never speak of being a survivor of multiple Cancers and other 9/11 related illness… unless it was to encourage someone else diagnosed with the disease, to fight and never give up on hope. Small shop owners will tell you how Lohmann helped them out with problems and even donated his time to repairing and renovating the stores of those over-burdened business owners. Parents will tell you how Lohmann took care of bullying reports discreetly for their children, without ever allowing the child to feel victimized. Civic leaders and local activists will tell you that Lohmann is always present, attending every community meeting, seminar and the occasional memorial, in support of our beautiful community.

Tom Lohmann has never asked for a favor or recognition for the unlimited selfless acts he performs on a regular basis for our great community. He would never speak up for himself in a way such as this. Tom Lohmann is a third generation, lifelong resident of Smithtown who is beyond qualified to serve our community’s best interests. Let’s finally repay all he has done for us, by signing this petition in requesting the Town Board’s consideration that he be appointed to take the fifth Councilman seat.

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