Open Smithtown Schools Full time OR Gives Us Back Our Money!

Open Smithtown Schools Full time OR Gives Us Back Our Money!

July 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela Cocchiere

Most residents of Smithtown moved here for the "good school district" it has to offer our children and for the after school activities. We  pay the HIGH taxes to accommodate our childrens' in person full time  education.

But now we are faced with either a FULL TIME ON LINE learning education ( which we can get in any school district and not pay the high school taxes) Or  a combo,  PART TIME in school learning education mixed with a PART TIME ON LINE education all while  STILL paying our same HIGH  school taxes.

There are MANY PROBLEMS with this  and I will name a few:

1- If other neighboring schools and private schools figured out how to offer a full time in school education WHY COULDN"T Smithtown offer it to their children?

2- Why should our children have to SUFFER AND STRUGGLE to learn at home while others learn in school with  the HELP of educators?

3- Why should  Smithtown parent(s)  have to GIVE UP A SALARY to stay home to watch and TEACH  their children when their children should be learning  in school?

4- What happens if parent(s) CAN NOT  afford to stay home OR hire anyone to watch their children?

5- And in the event parent(s)  can afford to hire childcare, do you expect those parent(s) also to hire a tutor to teach their children OR do you expect the child care to do the teaching as well  OR maybe when the parent(s) comes home from work, they will now teach their children ?

The children of Smithtown School district, DESERVE A RIGHT to have a FULL TIME IN PERSON EDUCATION just like other Long Island School districts are offering.

This petition is to OPEN ALL Smithtown schools for the Smithtown families that WANT  to send their children for an in person, full time learning experience.

As per the CDC,"this experience provides educational instruction, creates a safe environment for learning, supports the development of social and emotional skills, addresses nutritional needs and facilitates physical activity"

 On July 23,2020 the CDC stated that Covid 19 "poses relatively low risks to school age children" and so far Covid 19 children related deaths are.0.1% which are LESS than the the last 5 flu seasons. Studies also show that school age transmission levels are low. CDC also stated  that "extended school closure is HARMFUL to children"  and there are"significant public health consequences for children that are out of school".


Why should we pay for a service we are NOT getting?

In the event Smithtown School district STILL opposes opening up school FULL TIME IN PERSON, we DEMAND our SCHOOL TAX MONEY BACK so we can find an alternative and take care of our children the best way we see fit.

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Signatures: 639Next Goal: 1,000
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