Save culture from dying in Smithfield's schools

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Very recently, Mrs. Young, the chorus director at Smithfield High School received a layoff notice as part of the schools budget cuts. Unfortunately, Mrs. Young is not the only victim. At Gallagher Middle School, the children are losing an opportunity to play in the schools band, as well as the opportunity to learn a foreign language. Mrs. Young has been instrumental in the production of several plays performed by SHS students, as well as alleviating the immense stress out upon her coworker Mrs. Chartier, who had run the entire school's music program by herself until Mrs. Young's arrival. The productions of the Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz were wildly popular throughout the community and have allowed students to bond in a way no other extra curricular program ever has. In addition to the removal of the band at Gallagher Middle School, both foreign languages taught at there will no longer be available once the current students rotate out. This means that SHS will be without any students to fill its EEP  and AP designated French V and Spanish V classes, both of which focus on the cultures of the countries in which the respective language is spoken. This will leave future foreign language students with only an opportunity to complete eight semesters of a foreign language as opposed to 10. Please help us petition the Smithfield School Committee to allocate funding to continue these necessary arts and language programs.

Several other teachers at Smithfield High School and Gallagher Middle School will cut as well without support. English class sizes will balloon to an average of 26 students if just one teacher is laid off. Two teachers in the mathematics department have also received pink slips. Smithfield's school system is battling a budget issue, and it must end now.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

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