Make an eco-friendly, 100% compostable alternative to floral foam

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Floral foam is a single use plastic that breaks down into microplastic particles.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows how harmful microplastics are to the oceans and environment.

Florists use foam to design flowers to bring messages of natural beauty and joy to people.  How sad that the side effect is harmful plastic garbage!

Sign this petition to encourage foam-makers Smithers Oasis & Syndicate Sales to discontinue manufacturing of their single use foams, and speed creation of  a 100% certified compostable alternative, so that a flower arrangement can spread joy without contributing to ocean pollution and the planet's garbage problem!  Scroll down to read & sign the petition.  Click here to read more about this issue.

Dear Smithers Oasis & Syndicate Sales,

We recognize your years of support to our industry offering a range of wonderful tools and supplies to our community, and we are grateful for the many dollars you have invested in educators and educational opportunities across the globe.  

With this petition, we want to respectfully register our opposition to your current floral foam products.  These are single use plastic products that are contributing to the mounting plastic & microplastic pollution issue that is harming the planet. We encourage you to be agents of leadership and positive change in this industry. The time has come to get serious about bringing to market a quality alternative.  As a community, we are asking you to produce a substitute product that is:

  • 100% certified compostable according to ASTM standards
  • Made from renewable, non-mineral resources and non-hazardous materials
  • Made from regional materials to keep the carbon footprint of making it low
  • Made from waste products from other industries (wood pulp, rice hulls, recycled paper fiber, mushroom matter, etc).  

We recognize that profits from floral foam have been a big part of what has enabled you to be the generous contributor to education that you are. This petition letter is designed to show you how large the community of florists is that wants an alternative to single-use plastic floral foams.

There is a viable and growing market for a sustainable, compostable, all-natural foam alternative. We represent a huge and growing market share that your current foam products are not serving. We understand that Oasis has been working on developing compostable alternatives.  We are here to show our support! Please invest in and accelerate research and development to bring a truly better and compostable product - or product line! - to the market. Please continue your efforts here.  We support this work!  We are excited for these products - please stay full steam ahead to manufacture them.  Our industry needs more sustainable design choices.

Thank you for considering our community and the environment.  We