Justice for Shylow MacDonald

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On March 1, 2010 in Smithers BC RCMP arrived at a residence after a call about concerning behaviour once inside they found Shylow murdered. They called his family and told them that he was stabbed and to come right away so they drove in the night hoping he was okay but once they arrived at the hospital they found out he passed away. About an hour before his passing he ran into his uncle in Smithers and told him he was trying to go back home to Burns Lake and stay with his parents. One week after his death he was buried on what would be his 31st birthday. 

The RCMP know who murdered him and yet his case has been dormant for 10 years.

His family want and deserve justice and it’s disturbing that with the evidence the RCMP already have that his murderer is still free. 

Shylow was a father, he was a protective older brother and an amazing son. He deserved so much more. And he definitely doesn’t deserve to be forgotten about by our justice system.

Justice for Shylow MacDonald. Justice for murdered and missing indigenous men.