Trailblazing Student Rejected

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Please read this message from Julia Grey, the first trans woman to compete in D1 athletics, and a recent reject from transfer to Smith College:

"Last semester Scout Schultz, a friend of mine, was shot and killed my campus police. Scout was transgender. The campus rallied for the police and against LGBTQIA+ people. This led to 2 more of my friends, both transgender, committing suicide before the end of the semester. On the same day Kirby committed suicide, a man followed me into my apartment and threatened to rape and kill me. I was also disowned by my biological father, and was on free meals.

I recently applied to Smith. I currently go to Georgia Tech. I was rejected for not having enough, “academic consistency.” I have one withdrawal from last semester on account of that professor wanting me to take exams the day after my friends died. Other than that, I took a year off as I was being abused and had to address my PTSD from that as well as being sent to about 6 different schools in 3 years, pray the gay away camp, and other conversion therapies during high school, and physical abuse before that.

Even with all of that, my GPA last semester was good enough to get me on the Dean’s list. If I were to graduate today I would graduate with high honors. Georgia Tech is ranked #1 for biomedical engineering, my current major being biomedical engineering pre-med with a minor in social justice.

I’m technically the first MtF woman to ever play D1 sports as a woman (basketball) and would be I think second for D3. I’ve done tireless advocacy work and was actually only able to visit Smith in January being sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

It’s not only incredibly frustrating to me but the reality is there is no way I can stay at Georgia Tech. 8 transgender people have dropped out since last semester.

I fell in love with Smith. The community of people are so loving and supportive. When I visited, for the first time in my life, I finally felt a sense of peace and belonging: that if I went here, I wouldn’t have to fight for my right to exist anymore. It would be a dream to finally be somewhere I could feel safe, challenge myself academically, and have a place I could call home."

If you support Julia and would like to help her appeal to Smith admissions, please sign our petition. Let's get Julia out of Georgia!