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Smile Gate Interactive (SGI): Remove/Replace Gameguard or Fix ALL issues related to it


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Trickster's English-speaking population before removal of Gameguard was getting rather low as it was. (Us forum-goers know that for a fact!)

Incorporating Gameguard has virtually no benefit, as hacking in Trickster is nearly nonexistant. Usually in a business setting, you weigh the "pros" and "cons" before doing something new, and adjust as you go forward with each plan.

If you're running a grocery store where 1/2 the people cant get the door open to come in, you're going to loose 1/2 of your customers! You'd get it fixed ASAP!

We are seeing that with Trickster as some of our best friends and long term players are making heart-wrenching goodbyes. (Some are pasted below)

For the people that CAN get online, there are still many problems such as:

+No Sound
+Intense Lag In General
+Intense Lag due to Gameguard conflicts
+Important Programs not opening / terminating due to Gameguard
Such as:
-and more
+Randomly closing
+Deactivating Windows, labeling it as "not legit"
+Many More

So Please, SGI, We beg of you! We are looking out for Trickster's population, future, and well-being. The cons outweigh the pros! Get rid of Gameguard! If you NEED a hacking prevention software, try a different one, such as hackshield.

We understand that stuff like this takes time and money, so we've been patient for 2 weeks, with no news of a fix, or anyone working on a fix. Some of us have taken the liberty to contact the programmers of Gameguard directly asking for help.

Thank you for any and all consideration.

Love, the Tricksters

10/10/2012 10:47:45 PM xxxxxxxxx: but I do want to say this to you and Slash, well add in Seal, Kia, Mala and Nikeos
10/10/2012 10:48:29 PM xxxxxxxxx: Thanks for letting me in for a while and helping me/me trying to help you all in past 2 years lol

xx xxxxxxx: remove the gameguard pls.. its making our trickster world fail...

Person 1:
I'm curious; for those who are able to log-in, how is the GameGuard issue impacting things in-game? Is the reduced amount of players noticable, or is this really just something a few out of many are affected by?
Is this something we can actually petition, or would it really just be qqing?September 28 at 8:21pm via mobile

Person 2: No jewelia seens normal to me, dam the no sound is killing me x.x
September 28 at 8:37pm

Person 1: Jewelia's had a higher population to begin with, though. Good to know it's not affecting Je not as bad.
September 28 at 10:05pm via mobile

Person 5: serenity is dead. XD i think noone can log on.. Firefly is doing -ok- but some people still cant log on
September 28 at 10:54pm

Person 3: Yay for being able to log onxD
September 28 at 10:56pm

Person 1: Wow. :C Someone else said that almost all the members of their guild couldn't log on in the forums 'cus o'dis farkin' malarky.
September 28 at 11:19pm via mobile

Person 4: Back to the time where the client takes a lil long to log on. today i saw a few more ppl at jew, but yesterday was pretty empty
September 28 at 11:29pm

Person 1: I see Raven trying to handle the situation in the official forums. Much appreciated.
I'm itching to form a petition for getting rid of gameguard. I really am. I'm just not sure if it would be mature to do so, especially since one GM is helping out.
September 28 at 11:43pm via mobile

Person 4: game guard never was usefull neither good, i don't have the minimum idea why they put it back, but they will sure lose some players. There are other kinds of programs to protect the server, but Nprotect...c'mon. the happiest time was when they took it off.
September 28 at 11:45pm

Person 4: and well is just my point of view but is not a big deal if a GM is tryng to help ppl, is their job to minimize the company damage providing help the way they can.
September 28 at 11:47pm

Person 1: Yeh, I know. My inner no0b beast is on the prowl, and I know they're doing what they can.
September 28 at 11:55pm via mobile

Person 4: yeah i bet theres some kind of pressure to use nprotect
September 29 at 12:40am

Person 6: Well its good at keeping "Noob" hackers away. (some people at PvP) But its useless against good hackers, or anyone who knows how to do it the right way. One good thing about nProtect is, its okay at protecting against key-logger software.
September 29 at 12:52am

Person 4: i think the main problem is the bad player and its scams, but theres no program against it XD
September 29 at 12:52am

Person 1: I didn't think about the pressure. But if that were the case, maybe they made a contract to use it for x amount of time, and after that, they're supposed to "intergrate" it back into TO society.
September 29 at 11:04am via mobile

Person 7: on Fantasia..theres about 1/4th of the server online. it's laggy as hell.
September 29 at 12:40pm

Person 1: ._. Lol in the worst way; that's messed up. Especially in Mega?
September 29 at 12:47pm via mobile

Person 7: i meant ALL UP. there's barely 1/4th of the whole servers populations
September 29 at 12:51pm

Person 4: is already a pain to make party, but now XD
September 29 at 12:52pm

Person 1: I know.
September 29 at 5:56pm

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