Include Transgenders as family members in Social Science text books

Include Transgenders as family members in Social Science text books

10 April 2022
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Shri Samir Ranjan Das (Ministry of School and Mass Education, Government of Odisha)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankita Nayak

We know that people who defy gender norms have existed in every culture throughout time. Transgender usually a good term to use, not everyone whose appearance or behavior is gender non-conforming will identify as a transgender. This people includes transcend cross dressers and people who feel like their biological sex fails to reflect their true identity. (Transgender people may identify as lesbians, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, intersex or some other sexual orientation.) 

"I saw some transgender I'm traffic asking for money. Where I saw different reactions of different people, some as blessings and some mocking at them. I wonder why they were there? Why do people treat them like this? They are human too".Even "I remember during my school days there was a serial going on-air name " SHAKTI ASTITVA EK EHSAAS KI" was about a story of an intersex, and this was the very first time I came to know about other sexual orientation. I came to know about them when I was studying in class 8, that time we were being taught about the topic REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM but there was no topic about transgender like a chapter on them as a family member.Who are they? How they are special?,etc" - (Ankita & Rajashree ) 

That's where the children never knew what transgender are, no one used to talk about them comforting them as gender non-conforming as taught by society because no matter how much we improve and modernize in the twenty-first century peoples attitude and thinking won't change for them unless we include them equally in social sciences text books as other gender studies as a basic/foundation of the mindset of people to change i.e. transgender are part of our society. 

Now as a professional social work students we(Ankita and Rajashree) really think that to get rid of these misconceptions that people have in their minds they need to have a clear understanding about transgenders starting from social sciences text books in family chapter. 

Sir, won't it be great if ministry of school and mass education can include transgender as a family member in social sciences text books. 

If transgender will be included as family member in social sciences text books as a chapter then people will start taking them as social creatures as us. They have equal rights on everything as others because they too breath, bleed if get cuts, have feeling, etc. They do not need a special place for them rather we should create a space among us. They have existed in every culture, race and class since the beginning of human life, they are no stranger to society. And, the way transgender people are talked about in our culture will come to an end. 




Ankita Priyadarsini Nayak. 

Sushree Rajashree Barik. 

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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