Continue rescuing injured and starving animals.

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While the nation is under a lockdown, many pet shop owners are being forced to abandon the animals in shops without food or water. Nature Club Surat (NCS) has offered to rescue and feed these animals for the duration of the lockdown, however in order to do that NCS needs permission to operate its animal rescue ambulance. Yesterday NCS’s SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) employee was stopped and beaten up by the cops in-spite of informing the purpose of his commute. Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) wrote a letter to all states emphasising that all law enforcement agencies ensure that animals and birds do not suffer due to hunger during the lockdown due to COVID-19 and organizations working for animal welfare are considered “essential services.” Unless we get permission to operate our animal rescue ambulance, we will neither be able to rescue snakes/ animals/ birds from people’s houses nor will we be able to provide food to our existing rescued animals as well as the new rescues from pet shops. 

Please sign this petition to help the abandoned animals and protect the citizens of Surat who encounter venomous snakes in their homes. Thank you for your time and consideration. Stay safe and stay at home.