Have "Red Warner" become the new lead singer for "Smash Mouth"

Have "Red Warner" become the new lead singer for "Smash Mouth"

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Started by Red Warner

Hello, my name is Red Warner, I am an independent social media influencer who has a heart for music, artistry, and an amazing talent who is studying all things with art, one of these subjects is the beautiful art of music.

Out of all my inspirations to get into the specifical rock music of the likes of such as:
Rock band - Tally Hall.
American singer-songwriter - Stan Bush.
English singer-songwriter - Robert Plant.
Kid Rock - American singer-songwriter.
And American DJ - Sonny John Moore, known professionally as Skrillex. 
As growing up, I've always wanted to be in a band, the ride-along with buddies or pals would be a wonderful experience.  

As of 2021, Steve Harwell announced that he was, unfortunately, leaving Smash Mouth, to, fortunately, focus on the best in his life, Steve Harwell is and still will be one of my greatest inspirations in music.

This is why I have taken it upon myself to do the right thing and take his place in the meantime, I would love to contribute to Smash Mouth's music, to help satisfy the other people like me that are fans of all things Smash Mouth.

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!