Smarter and Easier: A New Blue Bin Meets Your Curb #BlueBinBen

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Blue Box litter is frustrating.

On a windy pickup day, plastic bottles and papers are spread across lawns and roads. The problem doesn't end with collecting stray recycling in our streets. In York Region, wind blown litter contributes to the vast majority of waste we find in parks, ponds, and other green spaces.

I've spoken to many residents in Vaughan who are committed to clean neighbourhoods and increasing recycling diversion rates (as am I).

Residents want a new recycling bin. These are the changes they are asking for:

1. To have an attached lid. 

  • Which will prevent wind from spreading recycling
  • Keeps out rain and snow, which makes Blue Boxes heavier and causes problems with processing
  • Keeps out pests (raccoons, flies, etc.)

2. To have wheels.

  • No more injuries related to lifting, pushing, or pulling a Blue Box
  • Easier to move for seniors/disabled
  • No more dragging to the curb, damaging the Blue Box
  • If the Green Bin can have wheels, so should the recycling bins

3. To be larger.

  • Fewer pickup days
  • Options for 2 different sizes (120L = 2 Blue Boxes worth and 240L = 4 Blue Boxes worth)
  • Increases diversion rates. When the Blue Box is full, the overflow often gets put into the garbage (recyclables are sent to the landfill)

4. To be stable.

  • To prevent wind tipping 

5. To be Visible

  • Cars not driving into short blue bins

6. To be suited for automation.

  • For quicker pick ups 
  • Increases tax savings

Sign this petition if you agree that York Region needs the new Blue Bin. It would make a positive impact on the future of waste management across the Province. 

Together, we can win the war against waste!

Daniela Palma