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The deployment of Smart Meters, especially those with RF 2way communication capability, throughout our neighborhoods, cities, states and country will result in an America changed forever! Consumers are being told they must surrender their "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" of the 4th Amendment by allowing Data to be collected within their home, face a new cost burden, change their Life Style to possibly save pennies per Kilowatt hour and possible endanger their personal health and safety and that of their families and neighbors from the possible dangerous effects of Radio Frequency transmitting and collecting data, blanketing the environment from a Smart Meter being forced on them, without their informed consent. This is a mandate of the utility corporations such as DTE not the State of Michigan or the Federal government!

Consumers should NOT be penalized with extra cost($87 and $15.00 per Month) for demanding to make an informed educated decision about a "New Product - Smart Meter" and be coerced into a OPT-OUT contract limiting their rights of protection of the possible harm, cost and liabilities. These practices are UNLAWFUL under Michigan's Consumer Protection Act P.A. 331 of 1976.

Only your voice demanding representation and adherence to the Laws of Michigan will protect our Constitution and the Freedom guaranteed there-in!

File Your objections and intervene in the MPSC case U-17053 !!!

Letter to
Major Energy Projects Manager - Detroit Energy Robert Sitkauskas
Executive Secretary, Michigan Public Service Commission MPSC Case U-17053
Representative Tom McMillin
I just signed the petition to Stop the Forced Mandate of Smart Meters in Michigan.
It is important for all of us to do so, because of the cost, health privacy and safety issues and our right to be free in our own homes and these meters will do just that - take away our rights to freedom - forever!

Pauline Holeton

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