Smart & Final - Drop the Petition & Be Responsible

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For up to a decade or more, your corporation unlawfully sold beer, wine, and liquors, after hours. Your actions at Costa Mesa Store 389 severely injured the smallest to the largest mom & pop markets serving our community.

You blighted our neighborhood behind the facade of an honest grocer. During a very long period of economic prosperity, you competed and prospered unfairly, while the neighborhood commercial corridor on W. 19th Street struggled along, unknowing, and downtrodden.

Within months of being caught red-handed, not just at this location, but at over twenty or more of your locations across California, you asked the ABC liquor licensing department to overlook all, and start anew legally, what you did illegally for many years.

Please let our Westside Costa Mesa small business community recover. You took an unfair and illegal advantage of our neighborhood, for many years There is every reason to be socially responsible and let them try to recover, and let our community, heal.

Please do the right thing. Withdraw the ABC Petition to Modify Conditions on your liquor license at Store 389 in Costa Mesa.