We want Weber back!

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Small Planet has recently replaced our beloved driver Waldemar Weber with a new company, without a word of good-bye or gratitude.

Waldemar went above and beyond since day one of SPA DE to get us to our destinations safely. All of us, cabin crews and flight crews, have lived, dreamed, argued and laughed on Waldemar‘s drives and we‘re not happy with the changes at all. 

Also, Waldemar has only recently bought a brand new van due to high demand from SPA side, plus rented an apartment in Ahden to be closer to PAD airport. He had hired employees for the new bases of SPA all over Germany and was determined as can be! 

Waldemar always went the extra mile for us: driving people home who don’t have a car, doing last-minute pick-ups, offering us food and drinks — and always with a smile. 

We want Weber back!