Small Business monthly stipend.

Small Business monthly stipend.

July 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Callie Owens

As an artist and small business owner, getting funding for my passions is something I'm working on and I'm realizing that with the economy as it is, (7/13/2022) investment in Small business and the arts is more important now than ever. Think back on history on Turtle Island, (Ocean Hero is free, and you clean the oceans as you search; Ecosia is similar and plants trees) back to the Harlem Renaissance. W.E.B. DuBois, and so many others. Investment into the arts was essential for getting us through that time period. 

Now, as creatives we still release art to help heal, smooth and soften the harshness of the now. I'm on a fixed income; I've already spent my time in corporate life and eh, I do better getting my coin for myself and investing with my community and I'm slowly, but surely building my childhood dreams into my living experience. I'm enjoying the process as I do so, because I'm meant to relish in it. 

As humans we're meant to thrive in peace, love, happiness, joyful fulfillment, health, wealth and abundance that doesn't need to be earned or worked for but where we can have a ecological and abundant economy. How can we improve on Capitalism? What works? What doesn't?

How can we have both? Because when we invest in our small businesses, mom and pop shops, garage dreams, apartment shops, home run businesses, reboots and down sized to under 20 employees, we invest in the most important component in our country. Because we still contribute. I don't take credit for this idea, I'm simply starting a petition. 

If there's other similar to this petition, SWEET! If not, I have faith in this petition anyway. Overseas and in a few places in the US, there's a pilot program for monthly stipends for artists. I was guided to create this petition right now. Investing $2000 a month for the top 1% is easy because they've amassed enough of the global money they can do so.

Many do, but a program for investment on a large scale for this country is needed. We can't depend on the top 1% to give as an act of good faith as our tax system is unbalanced as we well know. It will take an act of Congress, (by the People) to take a look at the People and reflect on wages, inflation, fully fulfilling basic human needs and moving forward in integrity and compassion for all of the US because we invest in ourselves to give back to ourselves and others. The more we invest in the ideas, art, innovation and living our highest potential as we show the world we are the culmination of all the people on this planet.

At this time, we are all the answered prayers of our ancestors. We make the individual choices with our personal finances that effect the world. Our whole planet. I invest in eco friendly solutions that I can do now with what I have that will give me the results I want now and in my lifetime.

I'm here for a long journey but at the same time it's a slow and steady journey. Full of beauty, magic, love, passion and happiness. I'm 41 years young, single Mom, I care for a Neurodivergent young adult who's my natural born child. They're not receiving benefits at this time and we're working on getting it sorted. It's working out in their favor and mine as I've been doing my best to get the results for them. 

I'm on Social Security, (under $900/ month) myself for C-PTSD from childhood experiences that I'm still recovering from. We're on Section 8, food stamps, (we're already out again) yes I penny pinch, however we're on a special meal prep schedule that works best for us and it doesn't include chips or highly processed food. We live in a 2 brm 1 ba apartment that we've been in since 2011. We both take care of our senior cats we've had since 2007-2009. I have my own website, my own YouTube channel, Facebook and TicTok that I've been absent from because I got exhausted from extending my energy so I've been taking care of my needs first since I take care of some many. 

I'm an Certified Elemental Priestess, Angelaphos Healer, Elemental Healer, Crystal Master and Alchemist. I'm certified with IPHA in Alchemy, Elemental Healing, Crystal Masters and this year is my 4th straight year investing in my mental, physical, Spiritual, and emotional health and wellbeing to better serve my community. I'm investing in myself again by repairing my credit from the Student Loans and other minor debts; in 2 more months, I'll start to see the progress. The student loan debt is the largest.

I'm still not finished with getting my BS in Criminal Justice Administration. I ran out of funding as previously stated so I shifted my focus to my healing process and journey to teach others. I will get my BS in CRJ Admin in due time. It's part of my vision, my calling.

I have a dream within this dream that I have already envisioned in my mind's eye, crystal clear, real and in sharp laser focus and I simply magnetize myself to it and receive it in it's highest form and alignment and precise timing. When I vote, I vote for myself, my family and my community, and all my relatives. It DOES matter who I vote for. I do my best to do my research and feel into who's the best person for the task of representing myself and those around me. 

I don't have to earn the right to thrive where I'm at. It's already my basic human right to thrive. To be who I am, love what I do and take care of myself comfortably, with ease and Grace so I can better serve my needs to better serve my community. I promote small business, LGBTQIA2S, Indigenous, Black, Brown, Latino and marginalized voices. I speak on harsh topics that need to be looked at in a compassionate way to create progress.

I honestly self reflect with myself to remind myself of my progress and love myself so much that I'm grateful for my journey as I grow and evolve as a human being living my personal experience. Every choice, has led me here. Does it have to be $2000 a month? Well, it's maths out to $12.50/hour, more than the current federal minimum wage $7.50(?) and less than my State's minimum wage $14.49. 

I realize that there's SO many petitions to sign and we have the time. We knew that this was coming and now it's here and we wait for change when we ARE the change. Voting, petitions, getting involved in peaceful demonstration, that's what we do. Anyone who's choosing violence doesn't feel heard, seen, and it's definitely another part of this magnificent cogwork that our democracy is; mental health, emotional support and getting needs met and sometimes that's their unhealed wounding.

What's working stays what doesn't can be improved upon by honestly addressing it and finding the mutual beneficial outcome for all is better than to fulfill the needs of a select few; " The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"-Spock. It's We The People not We The Few Senators, special interest, big oil, the unregulated industries or the 1%. The Status Quo is no longer Status Quo. It never was.

It's been normalized colonization, racism, genocide, forced sterilization, forced pregnancy, child marriage, sex trafficking, child slavery, slavery through incarceration, disenfranchisement, white supremacy, hatred hiding behind religion and a Murdered Middle Eastern Holy man who doesn't stand for what they're preaching, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, abuse of power, redlining, politicians creating poverty then blaming the impoverished, mental health ignorance, willful ignorance, lack of transparency, war mongering, lack of accountability, and stonewalling. Did I miss anything? 

Tell me if I missed anything. Seriously, comment if you feel guided to. Yes, I'm a writer. I'm following my childhood dreams and I FECKING deserve it!

So, as I close this out, I'll leave you with this. If not now, them when? Investment in our communities will give us the constant, sustainable growth we all need, want and deserve in a small but meaningful way. 

Thank you for your time. Blessings ��❤️��. 

Callie LeeAnn Owens 









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