Promote EXO, stop mistreating them and give EXO-Ls a real world tour

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EXO-Ls have reached their limits. This blatant mistreatment and disrespect toward EXO and their fans have to stop.

EXO is one of the biggest groups in the history of K-POP, they have a huge fanbase inside South Korea but also all over the world that support them and allow them to chart high on worldwide charts. 

Despite that, their company SM Entertainment is holding them back from reaching their full potential, wasting incredible deals for EXO and not managing them properly. Their fans are treated as cash cows that are only allowed one album a year that isn't promoted, released only to gather funds to allow SM to pursue their other ventures. 

EXO lacks of creativity and artistic freedom, agency on their own careers and they are over-worked to the point of exhaustion. 

Today, EXO-Ls ask for a fair treatment for EXO, a better management of their career, real promotions for their albums and individual activities and a real world tour for their fans all over the world that have been waiting for 7 years. This is the minimum standard that every K-POP group has, let alone a group of EXO's status.

Moreover other SM artists are promoted, pushed to their full potential and their fans have real world tours with stops on every continent so why EXO and EXO-Ls aren't allowed the same treatment when it's clearly something SM can reasonably give them too?

EXO is coming back soon with a new album called 'OBSESSION' on Nov. 27th and we hope that SM will rectify their mistakes before EXO's hiatus and give them the promotion they deserve but also allow them to meet their fans on all 5 continents and not just South East Asia. Oversea fans shouldn't have to pay 3K dollars just to attend one of EXO's concert in South Korea and compete with more than 1 million fans for a ticket. 

We also ask for EXO's own label just like one of their senior groups has, so EXO can have more freedom artistically and can manage their careers themselves since SM don't know how they do their job. EXO is SM Entertainment's No.1 money-makers and saving the company from deficit every single year but EXO-Ls won't stick around to save the company in the future. We are EXO's fans not the company's fans.

Enough is enough, this has to stop, EXO have to be respected as humans and artists and EXO-Ls' fair complaints should be heard. If our requests aren't met we will start a boycott and protest movement soon. 

#ExolsAreNotYourATM #NoEXONoMoney