Petition for SM to protect their artist Chen who is subjected to harassment by anti fans.

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On January 13th 2020, Chen shared a very happy news with his fans about his upcoming marriage and expecting a child. While fans all over the world congratulated him, there were a few anti fans who started protesting against this announcement. These anti fans have camped under a Twitter account @EXOLACECAFE to organize protests for the removal of Chen from EXO.

As a fan, they do not have any say in the personal life of the artist. But these people are continuing to make unreasonable demands and claim that it is the decision of the Fandom. We would like to point out that these people do not represent the sentiment of all the fans and do not represent our Fandom in any way.

They are continously harassing Chen and also the fans who support Chen. But as an agency responsible for the safety of the artist, we do not see any efforts from SM to prevent this. These anti fans have organized offline protests, displaying Ads for expelling Chen, spreading harmful hashtags, etc., Some people have went as far as leaking private information of his parents and sending death threats to his family. These people are bringing down the value of EXO as a group and EXOLs as a Fandom.

Fans are tirelessly working to clear the negative searches, keywords and hashtags. But we are limited in our power to take any actions to prevent this. Hence we request SM to take immediate action against these anti fans. We request you to condemn such behaviors and take legal actions against them. We are concerned about the wellbeing of EXO and EXOLs. Kindly take immediate actions to protect your artists and your fans.

Thank you,