Korean entertainment agencies NEED mental health support available for their artists.

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The Korean music wave has blown up during the past decade, with K-Pop becoming a vastly big music genre overseas. Something many people don't realise is the intense strain and pressure put on many idols from their companies, causing numerous amounts of mental and physical health issues.

A recent moment that put the pressure of being a Korean public figure into media 'spotlight', was the death of famous boy group 'SHINee" member, Kim Jonghyun. Jonghyun had spoken up about his experience with depression before, but it wasn't until his suicide note was publicly released that the Korean media and public really took a grasp of what he may have been going through.

With companies having mental health support as a must for their artists, the stigma around mental health will hopefully lessen as idols will be publicly advocating to seek help for people's problems. The industry is a stressful and difficult workplace but with introducing more options to seek help for those struggling, they can feel not totally alone. The influence of idols speaking up about going to therapy or seeking help will encourage citizens to seek help for themselves or others!

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