Justice in the kpop industry

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Everyone who's involved in this kpop industry needs to change their work environment for the sake of everyone's mental health. Whether be the artist, managers, or other staff. Entertainment companies need to form a healthy work environment, so people can function and work at their full potential. Stop discrimination within people! Mental health matters! Never expect perfection because in this earth there's no such things as perfection and people need to start to be their authentic self. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, as long as the artist can sing, dance, act, and basically entertain, they don't need to be forced to do plastic surgeries. They don't have to starve themselves to look perfect. Companies must give the artist and staff equal paying and stop dating ban and privacy invasion. Trainees and idols need to be themselves and they need experience to create art. Artist entertain by creating art and they need to absorb as much beauty and pain that this life to offer in order to create a beautiful master peace. Companies have to take action towards sasaengs and Korea needs to have an enforced rule about privacy invasion.