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Dong Si Cheng, also known as Winwin, is a member of the South Korean boy group called NCT, under SM Entertainment. Winwin tries very hard with everything he does, and he's very talented. However, SM will not give him any lines. Also, he's mainly put in the back of the choreography. They are treating him as a backup dancer, not an actual member of the group. With how many members they have, it's somewhat understandable, but other members such as Taeyong and Mark get entire verses, while Winwin only gets to say a few things in the background, such as "woo woop" "in this beat" or "i like that". It's very unfair. The KPop industry is harsh, especially SM. They put him through years of training and struggles only to shove him in the back of the choreography and have him do some background noises. Winwin is my ultimate bias, and NCT is my favourite group. It hurts to see him working so hard yet getting nothing in response. If this somehow reaches SM, and we show them that us NCTzens want him to get more lines and screen time, to be treated like a member of the group, then at least we've been heard. They might not listen, but we can say we tried. In the small chance he does get the attention he deserves, then my life will be accomplished. Winwin is a very important part of the group and means so much to everyone who supports them, please listen and give him more lines.

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