Koreaboo & AllKpop Apologize to Irene (Red Velvet)

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We demand Koreaboo and Allkpop submit a formal apology to Red Velvet's Irene for partaking in a witch hunt against her character by circulating inflammatory and libellous information about her current controversy from unreliable sources and without complete information thereby worsening the situation. We also demand accountability for all other instances where idols have fallen victim to this malicious and shameful behaviour - we demand a commitment to cessation of it in its entirety. These media outlets continue to fan public hate against Irene despite many of her colleagues, friends and overseers defending her good name and after a formal apology written by Irene to the wronged party.

We can no longer sit back and watch K-pop media outlets participate in ridicule, bullying, libel and intimidation of human beings like idols who are by no means perfect. We can no longer sit back and watch people pretend to care about K-pop idol mental health but be active participants in hateful and spiteful 'take-downs'. We can no longer sit back and watch the targeted humiliation, victimization and harassment of K-pop idols at the hands of these outlets.

Sign this petition to help us hold them accountable and to encourage a non-toxic K-pop community for K-pop fans and K-pop idols alike.