"Slum Property Management, living conditions not being addressed."

"Slum Property Management, living conditions not being addressed."

August 17, 2022
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Why this petition matters

When you pay your hard earned money to provide a decent dwelling place for yourself and your family, it is not fair to be brushed off like you don't matter.  Your monthly rent helps the apartment complex to thrive in the business world. 

My youngest son has gotten his first apartment and out on his own, so he is not up on the knowing of how to handle situations that may arise in his apartment.  He has lived at this apartment complex for the past two years.  Since he has lived there it has been nothing but problems.  The apartment complex refuses to provide adequate living conditions for their tenants’ safe zones, their homes. 

My son has filed multiple maintenance request and they fail to respond.  I have been up to the office with my son on multiple occasions to discuss the concerns that have been found in his apartment. They have expressed their deepest apologies and assured they would get maintenance to come out and fix the concerns as soon as possible.  NO SHOW, CONDITIONS STILL THE SAME AND WORST.  

These matters have been lifted as high as the property management group-Bridge Property Management and yet still nothing has been resolved, or attended too.   We have written letters, we have as stated above been up to the leasing office multiple times, and we have records of multiple maintenance request being opened and closed without being addressed.  The Laurel Hill Apartment Complex need to respond and start providing better service to their residents, this is not acceptable.

Problems my son has dealt with are as follows:

1. Bathroom Tub peeling paint and have a great deal of non-removable stains, the tub was painted over and we are having the paint tested to make sure it is lead free.

2. Roach infestation trying to start, but we spray ourselves monthly, they need to get an exterminator out on the property to spray everyone's apartment.

3. Toilet not secured safely it wobbles when you touch it or sit on it, he reported this, and they came down and replaced the toilet but did not secure it back down properly. And you can smell toilet gas fumes coming from it.  I know this due to my stepfather is a contractor and he stated these fumes can be harmful to his health.

4. Light fixture in little dining area has filled with water and dripping on his floor, they came and checked it and stated they would be back because they didn't know where it was coming from, that was over a month ago and they have not been back since.  This could cause an electrical fire and injury to my son.

5. His air conditioning unit is leaking water, they have not addressed that

6. MOLD is growing inside the walls of the apartment and up on the ceilings in his bathroom and dining room area, they acknowledged it was mold, but yet to come and do anything about it further.  This is a health risk.

7. The community Trash compactor is never working and trash is always piled up overflowing which attracts rodents that can carry diseases.

I have spoken with other tenants who are experiencing the same issues and much more.  This has to stop!!! Laurel Hill Apartments must abide by the leasing contracts that they have contracted with each of their tenants which they are breaking multiple section codes in their contracts due to not providing livable housing which their residents are paying for.

As stated in the lease agreement Paragraph 9 under the Equal Housing Opportunity Policy section. It is the owner's and Management’s policy to provide reasonable accommodations in the apartment community's operational policies and procedures.  Paragraph 15 pertaining Property Loss, Insurance, and Crime, it states that Resident acknowledges that he or she has an obligation to exercise due to care for his or her own safety and welfare at all times and that Management is responsible for making repairs to the apartment with reasonable promptness upon receipt of written notice from the Resident.  Management's repair obligations under Georgia Landlord/Tenant Law only pertains to the apartment and not the common areas of the apartment community. 

I am having an attorney look over the contract to help fight the cause that is being presented.  If residents stopped paying their rent they would receive eviction notices with a sense of urgency.  These matters are a sense of urgency and should be addressed in that manner.

This petition is being presented and will be filed with the proper authorities seeking help to hold Laurel Hill Apartment Complex managed by Bridge Property Management Team, responsible for all the concerns the residents need attended too immediately.

Your home is your safe haven and you should not feel uncomfortable or unhappy being there, there is too much going on in our world today that we are dealing with outside of our homes for us to have to deal with these types of concerns in our SAFE HAVEN.


PLEASE sign this petition and let's band together to get the demands of all addressed!!!!!! 


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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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