Remove the Confederate Monuments from the Gettysburg Battlefield

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Elizabeth Farnham
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1. Slavery was wrong.

2. The Confederacy was wrong.

3. Monuments to states and people who left the United States of America in order to continue slavery are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

4. Statistical markers that denote numbers of those who served under which divisions and leaders exist already, or can be added to if missing pertinent information.

5. The old Confederate monuments can be placed in a museum in order to preserve their artistry and for any racists who still wish to worship them. Proceeds from the entrance fees can go toward reparations. 

The Confederate monuments as they currently stand attempt to evoke feelings of majesty, loss, honor, heartache, etc. These feelings are severely misplaced because the causes for which Confederate soldiers fought were not noble, but cruel and traitorous. 

The abolition of slavery and the preservation of the integrity of the United States of America were noble purposes. Therefore, those monuments to the Northern states and people who served The United States of America should remain. 

The most questionable Confederate monuments can be found here, though all Confederate monuments should be removed:

Inscribing the letters of secession is very important as Southerners have embraced "The Lost Cause" and other propaganda instead of the true purposes of secession of the Confederate States. Never again should Americans be confused on this point.

The letters of secession of the treasonous Confederate States can be found here:

These shrines to white supremacy need to come down!