Slow traffic through West Hobart, Mount Stuart & Lenah Valley

Slow traffic through West Hobart, Mount Stuart & Lenah Valley

5 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ryan Posselt

What this petition is calling for:

This petition calls for Hobart City Council to address the traffic issue in West Hobart, Mount Stuart and Lenah valley through installation of traffic calming devices and speed limit reduction. This petition calls for consideration of traffic calming devices on the following streets:

  • Molle Street, West Hobart
  • Hill Street, West Hobart
  • Mellifont Street, West Hobart
  • Mount Stuart Road, Mount Stuart
  • Byard Street, Mount Stuart
  • Montagu Street, Mount Stuart
  • Doyle Avenue, Lenah Valley

It further calls for consideration of 40km/h speed limits and raised pedestrian crossings near:

  • Each end of Lansdowne Cr
  • The Train Park
  • Between Hill Street Grocer and AA Lord Retirement village.
  • Mount Stuart Memorial Hall.



My name is Ryan Posselt, I’m a father of a busy 2 year old (pictured). I’m also paramedic, resident of West Hobart and I’m running for Hobart City Council in October 2022. 

Since becoming a public figure I have been surprised by the number of residents who have approached me wanting action on the traffic that transits West Hobart, Mount Stuart and Lenah Valley. As a father, I am forever having to keep a close eye on my child, concerned he will wander onto the busy road. And as a paramedic, I worry that someone is going to be killed or injured, particularly around the train park. The thought of a child being hit by a car outside the park is terrible.

As a community, the residents of West Hobart, Mount Stuart and Lenah Valley have the power to create change. Power is in numbers, and together we can say enough to the "Rat Run" that serves none of us.

West Hobart

Frequenting Hill Street Grocer, West Hobart Gourmet Meats and Caldew Park (the train park) with my two year old has highlighted the dangers families negotiate everyday around Hill Street West Hobart. Families and young children cross from Lansdowne Primary School and Teens cross from Guilford Young College. While, families from out of area park in the vicinity of the Train Park and negotiate the roundabout crossing near the park with little kids. Elderly people trying to do their shopping have to cross Hill Street from the AA. Lord retirement village. At the bottom of Mellifont Street is a major bus stop for Taroona high school kids, and Friends Park. At the other end of West Hobart, families negotiate the bottom of Molle street coming from Goulburn Street Primary School and simultaneously from the rivulet and the childcare center.

Mount Stuart

Further up the hill, children negotiate crossings of Mount Stuart Road and Byard Street from the Mount Stuart Primary School, while families busily drop their youngsters off at Mount Stuart memorial hall. Meanwhile, traffic is roaring through a residential neighbourhood with streets so narrow that a single parked car causes traffic to come to a complete stop to give way to oncoming traffic.


Sign this petition to create change and make our streets safe for all users!

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Signatures: 593Next goal: 1,000
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