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We are petitioning to get the traffic on the A50 from Knutsford to Cranage slowed down via any safe measure be it traffic lights, roundabouts or a different road layout.

Over the past three years there has been countless accidents in and around the junctions and on this road that have caused very serious injuries and at night drivers use this road as a race track.

As the road dips down just before the junctions it makes it very difficult to see vehicles joining the road and when cars are travelling at high speed the consequences are disastrous.

In the past two weeks alone the road has been shut twice and the air ambulance has been called out both times costing the air ambulance charity a massive amount of money, This also causes problems to local businesses such as Seven Sisters Ice Cream Farm and Barclays Bank.

Please help save lives by signing this petition so we can make Knutsford a safer place.

Letter to
Cheshire Road Safety Partnership Road Safety Team
We are petitioning to have something whether it be traffic light, mini roundabouts or different road layouts on A50 from Knutsford to Cranange to avoid any more potential lethal accidents.

This road is getting increasingly dangerous and now that there has been two serious accidents in two weeks we now want to take action.

Please help us save the air ambulance more funds and save lives by making this very dangerous stretch of road safer.