Slow Down - Kids at Play! Installation of a Speed Radar Sign @ Weitkamp Park

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I currently reside in the Red Cedar Canyon neighborhood and walk/drive on O'Neil Rd almost everyday. If you're unfamiliar, the portion of O'Neil Rd I'm referencing is a straight stretch of road with a 25mph speed limit between Stageline and Hanley. This portion of the road covers the Town and City of Hudson. 

The ever popular Weitkamp Park is also located on this road (in the City of Hudson). I consistently observe cars driving in excess of 35-40mph on this stretch of road, speeding through a cross walk and past the park where our kids play. 

I've asked Mayor O'Connor and 2nd Alderman Bill Alms to address the issue. I've been invited to speak at the next Public Safety Meeting in August and would appreciate your signature supporting my cause of the installation of a speed radar sign at the crosswalk of O'Neil Rd and Canyon Dr (just north of the park entrance). 


Alex Jackson