Save our Heritage Oaks & Oak Woodlands!

Please sign on to the following letter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to support the proposed permanent Oak Woodland Ordinance:

I urge you and your fellow supervisors to support the adoption of the proposed permanent Oak Woodland Ordinance for San Luis Obispo County. We must make sure that the massive clearing of oaks that took place at Justin Winery last year never happens again. Our oak woodlands are too important for the many services they provide for us, including wildlife habitat, soil conservation, water filtration, air cleansing and noise suppression, to name just a few. Oak woodlands enrich all of our lives with their natural beauty and contribute to a sense of place. 

The proposed ordinance strikes a reasonable balance between protecting private property rights and the need to preserve our shared natural heritage.  It allows landowners discretion to manage their property by removing dead, diseased, hazardous and crowded trees without a permit.  They can even thin up to 5% of their canopy and cut up to an acre of oak woodland at their own discretion over ten years.  However, permits from the county are required to cut over one acre, on steep slopes and heritage trees over 48 inches in diameter.  Penalties for violations may include fines and restriction of development rights. 

Please preserve our signature oak landscapes and the identity of San Luis Obispo County.

Read the proposed ordinance here:

Want to do more? 

  • Please attend the hearing on April 11th (Schedule Changed) at 9AM; The agenda will be will posted at:
  • Pick up a Save the Oaks sign to wave during the hearing
  • Please call or write your supervisor by 5:00 PM, April 9th , 2017
  • Contact all supervisors:
    Phone: 805-781-5450 / 1-800-834-4636
  • Or contact supervisors individually:
    District1, John Peschong,
    District2, Bruce Gibson,
    District3, Adam Hill,
    District4, Lynn Compton,
    District5, Debbie Arnold,

Thank you for taking action to protect our oak woodlands!  

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