Support our Young Protest Leaders #freetianna

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On Tuesday, July 21, Tianna Arata was arrested by SLO PD at about 8 p.m. near Mitchell Park as she and other demonstrators were loading up a car after the protest — which at one point stopped traffic on Highway 101 — and had already dispersed.
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The subsequent press release from the SLO PD on events leading up to the arrest omits important facts to create a false narrative depicting the protesters as promoting violence.  Tianna and other protest leaders have led numerous peaceful protests over the past several months.  It's clear that the SLO County District Attorney and SLO PD are using the arrest of Tianna as a political statement to try and suppress their first amendment right to protest.

Tianna’s arrest and charges were unjust. Our community should come together to support her and her family.  Protect our young black lives movement leaders right to protest and demand that the district attorney not pursue any charges against Tianna Arata.  Our young black leaders deserve to be heard, seen, and supported.