Free Parking in Sligo Town every Friday

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The Backdrop 

We set up this petition not to point fingers or cause distress but to simply call on Sligo County Council to take note of the current state of play in Sligo town. They alone have the mandate to change some of the vital obstacles we currently face and it seems they are unfortunately reluctant to hear the truth.  

While we have lots of positive news in recent months with Next deciding to stay, Right Price Tiles & Flooring recently opened in the Retail Park, new jobs from companies like Live Tiles and Abbvie, we also face some real challenges. It's worth noting that these challenges are not confined only to Sligo town and other areas around the country are in a similar situation. 

The imminent closure of Gerry McGuire's means that there will be another vacant premises in the town showcasing the difficulties our traders now face. Many of these businesses worked hard to survive the recession, stayed open and now face possible closure.  There is no one solution to this issue with lower footfall and challenges from e-commerce all contributing to the problems in our town. Despite this, Sligo town continues to grow in other ways with rising tourist numbers, new name companies and a number of positive articles in the press showcasing Sligo as a great place to visit, work and live. 

Why Tackle Car Parking? 

It is apparent that the current car parking charges in our town continue to be a deterrent for locals and the wider NW community to travel into the town center and shop here. We are asking Sligo County Council to allow for one day free parking every week as a gesture to the local business community and a showcase that they understand the need to drive footfall into the town. 

It's no secret that the council is in financial trouble and the revenue derived from parking meters is vital to them staying afloat each month. However, the ship is sinking around them they need to take action. We are not requesting free Saturday parking as we understand this would be a large revenue loss for the council, however, free parking on Friday would be a good start and allow BIDS to carry out a footfall count and see if there is an increase and a resulting higher spend locally. 

We are aiming to get 5,000 signatures to ask for free parking all day, every Friday in Sligo town for the next 12 months. If the target is reached, we will deliver the signatures to the desk of Mr Ciaran Hayes. 

We are also headed into a local election so we expect our local representatives to back this initiative and help us to build momentum.   

Join us and add your voice to the campaign for a small change that could make a big difference. 


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